The FSC™ label certifies García de Pou’s commitment to the environment

Hundreds of products in our catalogue are FSC™ certified, a mark that indicates that the paper and cardboard they are made from comes from sustainable forests. The wood used is audited by external companies throughout the entire process to ensure that a series of environmental and social standards are respected. The FSC™ label is one of the most highly rated labels, according to consumer organisations.

The non-governmental organisation FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council™) was founded in Toronto in 1993 by environmentalists and timber companies. Its aim was to put an end to illegal and uncontrolled logging, which threatened the destruction of ecosystems and compromised future generations. FSC™ started to monitor and certify sustainable forest management, in order to obtain natural resources.

With FSC™ certification, it is possible to demonstrate good practice in the supply chain of a forest-based product, from the forest to the consumer (Photo FSC™ Milan Reška).


FSC™ standards help protect animal habitats, conserve biodiversity, ensure no deforestation, protect the rights of indigenous people and ensure a fair wage and safe working environment for workers. That’s what the FSC™ label that distinguishes many of our products stands for.

Our customers care about the origin of products and the CO2 emissions they generate.


Today, three out of four consumers make their purchasing decisions based on ethical and sustainability considerations, according to consumer organisations. The trade-off between sustainability and price when it comes to purchasing a product has also been diluted. Forty-four percent of consumers are even willing to pay more for a product with verified environmental certification.

At García de Pou, we have been working along these lines of environmental awareness for some time now, and we cannot conceive of manufacturing products from any other point of view. Proof of this is our THEPACK® collection of food packaging, entirely made of nano-micro corrugated cardboard and FSC™ certified.



Another novelty in our catalogue, which has the certificate, are the «Plastic free» cups, both for hot and cold beverages. These single-use cups can be easily recycled with paper and cardboard, as no plastic was used in their production.

FSC™ uses the image of one of our products on its website, in this case the «Plastic free» cups, to talk about the promotional use of the FSC™ brand.


We are currently incorporating other types of packaging into this family, such as 100% plastic-free fry packs, which retain all the properties required for this type of packaging, such as resistance to oils and fats.

We also have a wide range of ice cream tubs, cups, napkins and table linen, from the «Double Point» collection, with this certificate.

Recycled napkins from García de Pou with FSC™ certification.


There are a multitude of eco-labels and labels on the products we consume. But do we really know what they mean and are they all equally important? First of all, it is important to distinguish whether they are rigorous environmental seals or simple “greenwashing” logos, which are only used to sell more, taking advantage of public awareness. The FSC™ is one of the certifications that should be taken into account, according to consumer organisations, because of its reliability.

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