New food packaging for Take Away and Delivery 2024

For this year 2024, we are pleased to introduce our new dedicated “Food Packaging” section, specifically designed to meet our customers’ demands for take-away and delivery packaging. We highlight a selection of products for their innovative design and commitment to sustainability.

In our recently introduced take away and delivery packaging section for the hospitality industry we mark all new products with the “NEW” logo. However, we would like to highlight two items that we consider to be particularly innovative: the Push Pack Cups and the XXL Hamburger Boxes. Both stand out for their attractive design and their commitment to environmental sustainability.

The Push Pack cup is a practical and environmentally friendly option, made of cardboard with an integrated lid, which makes it easy to recycle. These cups are suitable for both hot and cold beverages, and their design does not go unnoticed.

Push Pack cup

On the other hand, our XXL Hamburger Boxes are cube-shaped, with the peculiarity that they can be completely unfolded to become a wide tray, offering convenience when eating the hamburger and its sides without the need to use additional plates. They are made of the latest generation THEPACK® cardboard, which is biodegradable and sustainable. Ideal for take away and delivery restaurants.

In addition, this year we have expanded our range of greaseproof papers for presentation or food wrapping means, including options such as flour-free, a more sustainable alternative. We have also introduced new sizes of greaseproof paper and double-sided open bags to suit different needs, from crepes to hot dogs, and even a versatile all-wrap to suit any food size.

XXL Burger Box

Regarding paper bags, we’ve added new options made from 100% recycled paper and self-sealing bags with window for easy viewing of its content, perfect for bulk foods.  Also new large size bags specially designed for catering.

For the transport of food in take-away food services, we have multi-purpose American boxes with closing flaps and large opening, made of THEPACK® nano micro corrugated cardboard. In addition, we have also developed American boxes with interior separation to avoid food mixing. All of them are microwaveable, so that they can be heated and consumed without having to change packaging.

Food wrapping «Times»

We have launched a line of eco packaging with a transparent window made of translucent paper, which allows the inside to be seen without compromising the recyclability of the product. This packaging, called Clear Paper, are available in different formats to meet a variety of needs, from sandwiches to sushi.

We have also expanded our range of confectionary boxes with new designs in a variety of colours and styles, as well as revamped Ballotin boxes for pastries and chocolates, and new boxes with handles for added convenience.

Confectionary boxes «ThePack®»

These are just some of our new products for the hospitality industry in 2024. To see all our products, please consult our general catalogue at García de Pou.

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