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We are committed to green energy

At Garcia de Pou we have inaugurated a new network of solar panels on the roof of our facilities in 2023. A structure made up of 2,606 panels, which have the capacity to generate 1.7 GWh per year and to satisfy a large part of the energy demand used in the company’s industrial process. Garcia de Pou’s objective with this installation is to achieve energy self-sufficiency, as well as contributing to the reduction of its carbon footprint.

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All the advantages of using the García de Pou APP

García de Pou’s customers have an app to quickly place their orders and carry out their day-to-day business from their mobile or tablet. It allows you to make purchases, quickly access your invoices in the private area and consult your order history on your mobile device. But why should you download the app right now? We give you all the arguments.

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Ask our Chatbot, the new virtual assistant

The García de Pou website has a new customer service feature that will be of great help to you. This is the Chatbot, a virtual assistant that will guide you to resolve any questions you may have. By clicking on the chat logo, which you will find in the bottom right-hand corner of our website, you will be able to resolve the main questions: What are the technical characteristics of a product? Is there stock availability? These and other questions will be answered by our Chatbot.

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Delivery: gastronomic trend of 2022

That delivery would experience a boom after the onset of the pandemic was to be expected. What was perhaps less predictable was that food delivery would become the leading gastronomic trend of 2022, and, it seems, it is here to stay. What started out of necessity for the restaurant industry (with restaurants closed due to restrictions, they had to find a way to survive) is now a booming business. And this is evidenced by the fact that not only can you find the usual options, but now renowned chefs with several Michelin stars are also offering delivery services. You could say that home delivery food is living in its own golden age.

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Can single-use food packaging be reinvented? The answer is yes. If we ask consumers what an ideal disposable food packaging should look like today, most of them would be clear about this. The prevailing requirement should be sustainability. Containers have to be made of biodegradable and easily recyclable materials. Therefore, if there is one material that meets this requirement, and it is the first that comes to mind, it is cardboard.

The second requirement, but no less important, would be strength. A container must always be capable of fulfilling the function for which it is made. In this case, for serving food, it is essential that a box, a container or a cone for fries does not deteriorate with the moisture or grease that food inevitably releases. A good dish should never be ruined by an unsuitable container.

And last but not least, design. We are not discovering anything new if we say that a modern and attractive packaging makes customers as loyal to an establishment as the product itself. Beautiful packaging enhances a dish and may even end up being immortalised in one of the thousands of photographs that foodies post on social networks every day.

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García de Pou

We’re adding new equipment to be more efficient and sustainable

We’re adding new equipment in 2018 and 2019 to increase production and meet customer demand even faster. However, another of our goals is to strengthen our resolve to comply with the proposed European Directive of 28/05/2018 on reducing the environmental impact of certain plastic products that suggests a number of items will soon be banned. This clearly highlights the need to prepare a decent offer of carton packaging and alternative materials.

At García de Pou, we are firmly committed to more sustainable materials. As a result, we have numerous machines focused on the manufacture of paper/cardboard products; materials that are environmentally-friendly and capable of replacing plastic.

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Centra García de Pou


Work on expanding the installations at our factory in Ordis is moving along at a good pace. Two new warehouses have been built to streamline the depot and order picking area. This will double our storage capacity, provide easier access to a larger number of items and optimise the direct preparation of orders. Our final goal is to guarantee immediate supply to our customers regardless of the volume ordered and to reduce order preparation time to a minimum.

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New products 2018-19


Our policy of respect for the environment gets stronger every year. We have been awarded environmental certifications that demonstrate our firm commitment to replacing plastic products with environmentally-friendly products. All this is clearly reflected in our new catalogue.

We have been awarded the prestigious ECOLABEL certificate for the majority of white tissue, single colour and recyclable napkins; the environmentally-friendly products we manufacture include rolled up towelettes, sachet wipes and Flush-Linen hand wipes, which are fully flushable, 100% biodegradable, 100% natural, contain no chemical binders, and are compostable and FSC/PEFC certified.

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Street View | García de Pou

360º Street View images to help raise business profiles more effectively

Staying at the cutting edge of technology is no easy task. The digital world moves at a dizzying pace. At García de Pou, we have adopted the latest trend of panoramic photos and 360º images on Street View in Google Maps and want to tell you about this positive experience for us as a company but also for any catering establishment wishing to raise its profile by using the most popular tools of the moment. By using this solution, our potential customers can get to know our companies, restaurants, bars, hotels, cafeterias, etc. before visiting them in person.

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Garcia de Pou 360º


García de Pou is bringing you something new. As part of our goal to stay on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, we have bought ourselves a new piece of kit. However, this is not simply another machine for our production lines but rather one aimed at improving the experience of our customers. It is a camera that allows us to show our products in a 360º panoramic image. It is no ordinary camera but rather an entire photography studio squeezed into a small box that allows us to create professional packshots (product images) and 360º product presentations.

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