Garcia de Pou’s novelties for Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2023/2024

For this Christmas season, we offer you a wide selection of new items, among which we highlight the exclusive designs in decorated sets for the table. First of all, we present table linen inspired by the «Poinsettia», the Christmas flower par excellence. With the details of this decorative element on tablecloths and napkins, we wanted to bring elegance and refinement.

This table set belongs to our Like-Linen® line, made of high-quality viscose and cellulose, which gives it extra softness and a fabric-like appearance.

«Poinsettia» by Garcia de Pou


Along the same lines, we also offer you the new «Artic» design, a table linen decorated with fir trees in warm ochre tones. Inspired by the serenity of winter and the warmth of the festive season, this collection will add a touch of natural charm to any occasion. Although inspired by the festive season, this table linen is versatile enough to be used throughout the autumn-winter season.

«Artic» by Garcia de Pou


We are also debuting the «Holly» table linen, made of Airlaid or virgin dry tissue fibre. This blue table set not only pays tribute to the mistletoe but also adds a cheerful and festive touch to the table.

«Holly» by Garcia de Pou


Finally, we offer the new «Caribou» design for napkins, table mats and banquet rolls, made of soft, double-layered cellulose.

«Caribú» by Garcia de Pou


From tableware items to presentation details

This Christmas, Garcia de Pou is also pleased to present you with new tableware items. Like the exclusive line of «Black & White» polycarbonate cups and glasses, with a distinctly contemporary touch in their design. These accessories are not only visually striking but also durable and unbreakable. The perfect combination of style and functionality.

«Black & White» by Garcia de Pou


Discover the elegance of our translucent polycarbonate balloon glasses and wine glasses. Exceptional pieces, with a touch of sophistication, where the colours of the drinks stand out above all else.

The «Oslo» cutlery set, in matt black steel, adds style and combines elegance and robustness. This cutlery is the perfect complement to any table setting, adding a distinguished and modern touch.

«Oslo» by Garcia de Pou


Also among our new products are the Kraft bags with windows, to present all kinds of culinary delights in bulk; the opaque metallised bags, with festive motifs, ideal for containing grapes or sweets; or the new “Times” and polka dot designs in wrapping paper rolls for gifts. You will find all these novelties in the new Christmas Catalogue 2023/2024 of García de Pou, where we also include tableware for appetizers, pastry and confectionery containers, packaging for gifts and baskets, and where we could not miss the traditional section dedicated to goodie bags and New Year’s Eve articles.

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