Products made from recycled paper are growing in popularity

It is becoming increasingly common for a shop to deliver our shopping in a recycled paper bag, to sit down in a restaurant that uses recycled tablecloths or to see rolls of paper and all kinds of products with the «100% recycled» label on the shelves of department stores. It is not for nothing that paper is one of the most recycled materials and, also, it is being recycled better and better, in other words, more efficiently and sustainably. So, it is not surprising that the production of such products is increasing and that consumer demand is growing.

The data shows that Spain is in a good position in terms of paper recycling, both by users and industry. Spanish paper mills recycled more than 5 million tonnes of waste paper in 2021, which arrived through selective collection. According to data from the Association of Pulp, Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers (ASPAPEL) 4.4% more was recycled than the previous year. Spain is already the second country that recycles the most paper in the European Union, after Germany and ahead of Italy.

Table dressed with our sustainable table linen made from 100% recycled paper.


The Spanish paper industry recycles no less than 78% of the paper we consume and, most importantly, this is done in an increasingly sustainable way. For example, pulp and paper mills now use half as much water as they did in 1990, even though production has increased by more than 60%. In addition, 85% of the water used in paper mills is returned to rivers or municipal sewers after being used as many times as possible. There has also been a significant reduction in the emissions generated by this type of industry. Energy efficiency measures and the use of biomass as fuel have reduced CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 21% compared to 2012.


Consuming products made from paper or recycled paper, therefore, should be done today with the peace of mind of knowing that the recycling process is working better and better and that it is more efficient from an environmental point of view. In the last few years, García de Pou has added a large number of recycled products to our catalogue for the HORECA sector, such as napkins, tablecloths, cup-holders and top-quality paper towels, which are in high demand. The latest addition is the «100% Recycled» paper bags with handles, with a grammage of 80-90 g/m2. Their modern design and strength make them a great choice for all types of businesses, including catering, takeaway and delivery services.

100% Recycled paper bags with handles are available in different sizes.


The high quality of recycled products is the key to success

Gone are the days when buying a recycled paper product meant acquiring a poorly finished product, with a poor design or, even worse, one that did not meet the essential minimum standards of functionality. Nowadays, recycled paper napkins are as soft, absorbent, resistant or elegant as any other napkin, as long as they are manufactured with the right quality, just how we always look for at Garcia de Pou.

Placemats, with a rustic «Braided» design, made from recycled kraft paper.


A placemat or tablecloth made of recycled paper has the same characteristics and properties as any other, and its manufacture is carried out with high quality standards. Even better, its design can be just as spectacular and, thanks to printing with compostable inks, still be considered an environmentally friendly product. Because that is precisely what makes consumers increasingly opt for recycled paper products: their sustainability and the fact that they promote responsible consumption.

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