García de Pou, present in the EU Ecolabel Product Catalogue

At García de Pou we continue to strengthen our commitment to the environment. This is evidenced by the 300 products of our company that can be found in the European Ecolabel Catalogue, a list that aims to reward those companies that work with ecological criteria and give visibility to the products that have obtained this distinction.

Among our products with the Ecolabel distinction, all of them made of tissue paper, we can find «Maxi Jumbo» toilet paper, hand towel rolls, industrial and couch covering paper. There are also white and coloured napkins from the «Double Point» and «Quattro» ranges, as well as «Mini service» or «Kangaroo» napkins and the line of recycled napkins.

The Ecolabel was created by the European Commission and has been developed under the EC and the Member States authority. This label is awarded by the competent public administration to those products that have a low impact on the environment during their entire life cycle, i.e. from manufacturing to waste treatment, including efficient distribution or packaging, and also considering the fact that they are recyclable or made from recycled materials. All of this is always under criteria of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

The Ecolabel can be found on many everyday products and can be easily identified by the flower with the EU stars. Nowadays there are different «ecolabels» that consumers can find on the products they buy on the market, but unlike many of these, the Ecolabel is certified and awarded by a public body and this is what gives it added value.

That is why it is important that customers know how to distinguish between labels that are accredited by entities that not only enforce strict compliance criteria, but are also formed by independent bodies that do not intervene in the market, as it is the case with the Ecolabel.

At Garcia de Pou we are committed to the policies agreed by the Member States of the European Union to improve their environmental performance, such as the Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) Action Plan and EU Sustainable Industrial Policy, which is supported by the European environmental authorities. The Ecolabel is one of the instruments included in this plan.

The ultimate aim of this certification is to promote the manufacture of products that help to reduce adverse environmental effects, compared to others in the same category, thus contributing to an efficient use of resources and the protection of the environment. And at the same time, to promote the consumption of certain products, providing customers with truthful and scientifically based information about what they are buying.

When we buy a product with the Ecolabel, we should know that we are contributing to generating less CO2 in its manufacture, we limit the use of substances that are harmful to water, we consume less energy, water and raw materials, we promote the use of recycled materials and we encourage technological innovation in companies in the ecological field. Tasks with which we at García de Pou have always been involved.

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