Garcia de Pou Renews its Range of Durable Products for Hospitality: Discover the New Additions!

At Garcia de Pou, we offer high-quality supplies for the hospitality sector that are not only functional but also add a touch of style and distinction with their design. A prime example of this is the new collections of durable items we present below. The Akala or Enamelware tableware, the Artinox range, or the Asamiware melamine collection undoubtedly meet these criteria.

Durability and Elegance in Every Piece

Our range of durable products for hospitality is characterised by their resistance, functionality, and aesthetics. We use top-quality materials that guarantee a long lifespan and optimal performance in intensive-use environments. Additionally, we pay close attention to the design of each piece to add an element of elegance and sophistication to the tables.

Asamiware melamine Tableware from Garcia de Pou


Akala Tableware

Made from high-quality stoneware porcelain, this tableware stands out for its hardness, resistance to high temperatures, and ease of cleaning. Its minimalist and timeless design makes it an ideal piece for any type of establishment. Available in beige, burgundy, earth, greenish-grey, and blue.

Akala Stoneware Tableware from Garcia de Pou


Artinox Range

Garcia de Pou’s new stainless-steel tableware offers a wide variety of pieces for table service, from plates and cutlery to presentation containers. Its resistance to corrosion and ease of cleaning makes it an ideal option for use in hospitality.

Artinox Vintage Range from Garcia de Pou


Enalmeware Line

Made of porcelain enamelled iron, these products add a vintage touch to any venue. They are dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant, making them the perfect choice for reusable tableware.

Enamelware Products from Garcia de Pou


Waki Glass

Glass cups are designed to highlight the presentation of appetisers and give them a touch of sophistication. Perfect for serving creams, gazpachos, ceviches, tartare, and desserts in individual portions.

Glass cups from Garcia de Pou



With an elegant porcelain-like appearance, Garcia de Pou’s extra melamine supply range is resistant to breakage, scratching, and staining. Available in white, black, and new wood and cement-like colours. Ideal for pools, terraces, and environments where breakages can pose a problem.

Asamiware from Garcia de Pou


More Durable Products from Our Catalogue

In addition to these collections, Garcia de Pou has incorporated other durable products that we think may interest you.

Unbreakable Glasses, Cups, and Jugs

Ideal for environments where the fragility of glass represents a risk, such as pools, nightclubs, outdoor events, or health centres, our polycarbonate glasses are a safe and elegant option for any occasion.

Polycarbonate glasses from Garcia de Pou


Bamboo and Wooden Items

From bowls and plates to presentation boards. With a timeless design and natural appearance, our bamboo and wooden items are not only durable but also sustainable, as they are made from fully renewable raw materials. Ideal for buffets and catering services.

Bamboo items from Garcia de Pou


Glasses, Cups, and Containers

Their unlimited reusability and 100% recyclability make these glass items a sustainable, low environmental impact alternative. Additionally, glass is one of the most hygienic materials for contact with food.

Vintage Design Glasses with Attractive Engravings


In our catalogue, we dedicate a section to durable products, where you will find, besides these, porcelain tableware, wooden fibre cutlery, and stainless-steel cutlery, for example. We invite you to visit it and discover all these items.

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